In Episode 46 of Shenandoah Down Under, the ship navigates the perilous waters of Cape Horn, seeking to get back to Liverpool without encountering Union warships (or indeed anyone else who could alert Union warships). But the Captain is otherwise preoccupied, asserting his authority in the most unlikely of places. Last month, it was fruitlessly trying to ban his officers from smoking on watch; now, he decrees there will be no hammocks strung up in the wardroom. Once again the victim of this officiousness is the unfortunate Lieutenant Debney Minor Scales, who must by now be feeling in a very minor key indeed.

One hundred and fifty years later Rob and MOB conclude their wide-ranging interview with Barry Crompton of the American Civil War Round Table of Australia. Did Captain Waddell meet Victorian Governer Darling in church, and if so which church? Find out in episode 46 of Shenandoah Down Under, the one with the hammocks.