151 years ago today the crew of the CSS Shenandoah sat down to a Christmas dinner somewhere in the Southern Ocean, their festive meal of roast hog somewhat dashed by the heavy weather. (As we recounted in episode #16, their modern day counterparts, the whaler hunters of the Sea Shepard Foundation, are also sitting down to Christmas dinner somewhere on the high seas, only theirs is roast tofurkey…mmmm).

In the 52nd and final episode of our ‘regular season’ we said we’d do a Christmas Special to discuss the ruinously expensive Alabama Claims, but on the invitation of the American Civil War Round Table of Australia, Rob and I are presenting at the January 2016 meeting. So instead of a Christmas Special, we’re now going to make it a “151st Anniversary Special” instead, marking the date the Shenandoah arrived here in Melbourne, Australia (January 25th).

In the meantime, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and compliments of the season to all from Rob & MOB of the Shenandoah Down Under podcast!