As the Shenandoah cruises towards San Francisco, looking for intelligence before launching a frankly ambitious attack on that famous seaport, the worst of all possible news is bought to them by the English ship Barracuda. The American Civil war has been over for several months, during which time ¬†they have taken most of their prizes in the Arctic and Alaska. Oops. Worse, the news of the Shenandoah’s depredations have reached the Yankees, and as a result they are not the most popular of fellows. The Shenandoah is now a ship without a country, without a government, without a flag, and without any firm idea what to do next. As to the prospect of being hung for pirates? As Midshipman Mason says, ‘the prospect causes a certain choking sensation in the throat.’ What will the last surviving unit of the Confederacy do next? Find out on episode 41 of Shenandoah Down Under!