The peregrinations of the CSS Shenandoah this week take it to the island Kingdom of Pohnpei, where four Yankee whaler captains out on a ‘Bust’ get the worst possible introduction to their hangover, a Confederate warship arrived to loot and burn them. But it is not all plain sailing for the Confederates either. Pohnpei has very high rainfall, and it is not easy burning a ship in pouring rain!

This weeks episode also sees the introduction of the journal of Midshipman Mason, a high minded 20 year old busy reading the works of Charles Dickens when not sinking Yankee whalers. This week he is reading ‘Nicholas Nickleby’, and making cryptic comments, in French, about the morals to be found on a pacific island. Join Rob, Mob and guest listener Andrew Bean, as we try to decipher salty sea comments in a language none of us understand.