Shenandoah Down Under

Shenandoah Down Under Episode 10

Good and bad fortune attends the Shenandoah after she leaves Tristan de Cunha. On the good side, the Yankee Captain Rogers, following in the USS Iroquois with intent to do the Shenandoah harm, heads off to completely the wrong part of the planet. On the bad side, the crew discovers that the propeller is cracked, and they must put into port for urgent repairs.
As if this is not enough, Executive Officer Whittle and Captain Waddell have a bitter disagreement about the dressing of the mizzen top-gallant sheet (whatever that is).

Shenandoah Down Under Episode 9

As the Shenandoah approaches Tristan da Cunha, it almost encounters a suspected Yankee gunboat, but salvages the situation by running away. Two days later the Shanandoah captures it’s first whaling ship  but just too late to save one unfortunate  whale.
On Tristan da Cunha, the crew bargain for some very overpriced supplies, but make some money back on the deal by selling some of their prisoner’s clothes. Also, they maroon the crew of their captured whaler, almost doubling the island’s population overnight.