Executive Officer Whittle and Captain Waddell are in great disagreement about Lieutenant Chew. Whittle sees Chew as having been appointed by the Senate of the Confederacy, and ultimately by Jefferson Davis himself. Captain Waddell does not respect Chew’s commission or his person, in those words and to his face, and does not trust him to take a watch in the raging southern seas. Perhaps Chew was wrong to give up drugs ( he used to be a chemist).

Will this bitterness and rancour be resolved in time for a very special Christmas? Naah. Will Whittle make things worse by stopping grog on Christmas eve? You betcha! Or, as we say in Australia, Ya think?

Once again Mob and Rob are joined by Hundred Years War enthusiast John Coleman, who feels that the Shenandoah’s mix of violent argument and corporal punishment sounds like a perfectly Jolly Christmas. Something there for all of us to consider…Merry Christmas!